Hip-Hop Producer J Dilla’s Beat Making Equipment Headed to the Smithsonian 

When the museum opens in 2016, Dilla’s instruments will be included in the “Musical Crossroads” exhibit — one of the venue’s 11 inaugural collections. If you’re unfamiliar with his work, there’s a brief introductory Spotify playlist from our Engadget channel just after the break.” ~ Billy Steele

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"A ticket when you just have a jay or something? I’m good with that."

DC resident Clifford Gray ~ The Washington Post

The real

Tip your hats to one of the greatest, Derek Jeter. 

The Distortion of Sound

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Jessie Andrews visits Terry Richardson

By: Laura Poppick

Meet the couple who could be the first to live on Mars!!

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Intersection | Southern Boulevard, Bronx

Javier Lopez, 34, says he tends to dress like a “normal 20-year-old kid” in his leisure time. Born and raised in the Bronx, he lives in Manhattan now, but stays connected to hip-hop style.